Can a burger change your Life?

We think so.  In fact, we've seen it


One bite can kick open a whole new world of flavour and understanding, and erase old notions of what is possible in a meatless future. 'Wow, this is vegan?'


We are many people's first vegan experience, and so we put a huge effort into making their first vegan burger banging.


What make's our food so good? Let's face it, there used to be a bit of stigma around vegan cuisine, and most of the criticisms were because a lot of people in the cultural mainstream didn't align themselves with the idea of eating plants alone. They also felt that plant-based diets could be 'boring'.

Of course, at that point, no-one had dunked our TenderCrop strips into a dollap of TRUFFLE VEGAN MAYO ...nor experienced the smokey-sweetness of the PEANUT BUTTER BBQ burger.

We melt our cheese to perfection, twice-fry our vegan meat for the perfect crispy outside and tender inside, warm our buns, and home-make our sauces (and never skimp on the servings). Our energy is fully in love and good food. 

Vegan Chick'n is one of the most sought-after items -but only when it's done right. 

We source only the best ingredient, and customers can always tell.


The Vegan Vice Club is a non-exclusive one. Both long-time vegans and non-vegans love our food. That is because we offer something new with our flavours.

We started at big streetfood events and were met with crazy demand - and within our first year, landed the biggest festivals from Victorious to Glastonbury - delighting the festival-goers there.

With our outrageously fun crew, we still tour the event scene to excite people all over the UK with new tastes and concepts; showing too that you need

zero compromise on taste and texture. 


But now, we're also looking to expand our concept into a fixed premises, and grow our energy into something even bigger...


We are infintely grateful for this life and our ability to live in pure freedom.

As a testament to this freedom - we choose the energy to offer the world. No-one else can make that choice for us.


Ours is love and positive energy through great food, music, and the vibe.

We believe that as a society, we'll never be free if we're locked into a mass diet and economy that hinges on the manipulation of other species.


And as individuals, we are deeply unaligned until a real connection is made between or mind and our bodies; most fundamentally, the choice of what we put into our bodies. Energy in = energy out. That's why we only serve vegan.

We're not about lecturing people on the benefits of veganism - when you know... you know. But we are all about getting more people to discover this wavelength.

Big flavours - One Love

Tommy Dexter

Tommy Dexter

Vegan Vice Club (Director)

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