And what we're trying to do here

Vegan Vice Club is a unique flavour experience, and we believe in the transformative power that  single burger can make.

Sounds dumb but hear this- we have been many people's first vegan experience -providing a portal into a whole new world of eating and understanding.


And so with this important role in their discovery, we put a huge effort into making their first vegan burger BANGING.

Aside from incredible food, we hire outrageously good people, and create an atmosphere that makes our stall unique at every event. We're not your average food guys...

'The vibe of the people behind that counter is just... so cool'

Lauren Karl -Vlogger (Just Veganin)


The Vegan Vice Club is a non-exclusive one. Both long-time vegans and non-vegans love our food. That is because we offer something new with our flavours

And why it's so good

We believe the future is VEGAN, and we want to excite people over new flavours; showing that you need

zero compromise on taste and texture. That is why we dupe many meat-eaters!

We search miles high n' low  for the absolute top quality ingredients (as we say: the secret of the sauce... is in the source!) and also spend an incredible amount of time taste-testing and perfecting recipes. 

Let's face it, there used to be a bit of stigma around vegan cuisine, and most of the criticisms were because a lot of people in the cultural mainstream didn't align themselves with the idea of eating plants alone. They also felt that plant-based diets could be 'boring'.

Of course, at that point, no-one had dunked our TenderCrop strips into a dollap of TRUFFLE VEGAN MAYO ;nor experienced the smokey-sweetness of our oozing PEANUT BUTTER BBQ burger.

We melt our cheese to perfection, twice-fry our vegan meat for the perfect crispy outside and tender inside, warm our buns, and home-make our sauces (and never skimp on the servings). Our energy is fully in love and good food. 

Vegan Chick'n is one of the most sought-after items -but only when it's done right. Check our our reviews to see how ours measures against the competition...


And why we built it like this

Because a vegan shack must be vibrant and eye-catching to be found, a lot of time was spent a hand-crafting this stall. We built it (from scratch) over summer because we wanted to visually attract new-comers to the world of vegan taste. You really can't miss us...

We always see it as more of a mobile vegan food party than a 'stall' anyhow...

But what's important to know about our custom set-up is that it is kitted out to cater for any size of operation. Between our industrial commercial catering equipment (a.k.a the queue-buster grill & fryer)  -and our hand-picked staff, we have plenty of expertise and experience to do this. We also carry back-up equipment to ensure cooking always goes on without a hitch. 

Our guys will tell you that we are hot on waste, non-eco friendly ingredients, and packaging. If events don't provide adequate recycling, then we put it in the van and take it all home.

Our View on Life

And why we do what we do

We are infinitely grateful for this earth and our ability to live -freely.

If we are truly free, then surely,
we choose the energy give the world -and our offering is love and positive energy through our great food and music.


There is always room for more love in the world.

We believe this same love be shared for all conscious beings that roam the green earth, including animal kinds.

To let them be free and enjoy the same fruits of life that do we -rather than being hurt somewhere or forced into making things or mass-produced into food. That is why we only serve vegan!

We're not about lecturing people about the benefits of veganism; because when you know...you know (ya know?) We're about love and groovin' (so keep the food moving baby!) 

Big flavours/ 1 Love


Tommy Dexter (Director)
-The Vegan Vice Club

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