Q: Do you offer anything gluten free?

Q: I'm allergic to _________ what can I eat?


Q: Do I need to make a booking?

A:Not at all - we always accept walk-in! However for peak-times on the weekend it recommended to book 

Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Bookings can only be made online via our shared booking platform with the venue -The Snug Bar (this ensures we don't double book!).This is entirely managed by the Snug Venue.

Q: I'm confused by the booking app. Please help!

A: Don't get confused by the 'event' wording. Simply select venue > area / table > select amount of people > select date > enquire!

The Snug Venue will send you an email confirmation once they've booked you in (check your junk!)

There is a deposit of £5 per person which is redeemable against your receipt on the day.

I haven't heard a response to my booking!

A: It's not always easy for same-day bookings to get confirmed, and so we recommend booking at least a day in advance!


This does not necessarily mean there are no seats available, but just that your booking has not yet been confirmed by the Snug Venue bookings team. Please call the snug on 07483038971 or contact  bookings@thesnugbar.co.uk 

Q: How do I cancel/amend my booking?

A: On your email confirmation, there will be an option to cancel your booking.


Likewise, if you want to amend your booking, follow the same process by cancelling and then making a new booking.


Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: You can find us on all delivery platforms in Cambridge (UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat and Foodstufff)

In London we're on UberEats & Deliveroo.

Q: Can I get a take-away?

Yes, and you can either request a take-away on site, or if you want to pre-order this, you can place your order online on the 'ORDER NOW' section of this site.

Q: My order hasn't arrived/ There's a problem with my order/ I need to amend something

If you placed this order in-site or via our website, please call our Order Support line.

However if this was placed via a third-party site, please call their dedicated support line - as they have a specific process where they then call through to us; this is the only way for us to sort issues related to delivery apps.


Q: Do you do Student Discount?

When things fully re-open we'll be able to offer a 10%-off with a Valid student ID. We also do NHS discount - just bring your NHS card!

It's not for sale yet BUT we do have all sorts of giveaways and competitions to win exclusive branded merch on our instagram. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I buy some dope merch?

Q: Is ALL your stuff vegan?

Yes, welcome to the future. VEGAN VICE BABY! ;)