We're always moving to see how we can keep the vegan game exciting. The Vice Club is looking for the appropriate investment to get moving in central London.

We have had a hugely successful and well reviewed initial trial taking over a forgotten-about cocktail bar in the centre of Cambridge and transforming it into a place of colour and flavour (see below). We're now looking to repeat this success on a much larger scale, and bring out the creative concepts in food and more...

We have some big ideas that have been incubated through the festivals, events, in the workshop, and through the journeys of flavour around the UK.

To our end of a fixed place, we are also recruiting the core dream team that can take this forward; a mixture of chefs, creatives, dreamers, and DO-ers for this Vice Club mission. We already part-way there. Sounds like something you should be part of? Get in touch... we love to talk.

And let the universe take care of the rest

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