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Welcome to Vegan Vice. We are dedicated to bringing you big vibes with big taste! Make sure to come and say 'hello' to us at events!


The right vibe with the right tribe <3

Why vegan franchise

'Our ethics, vision and values'


Here at Vegan Vice® , we believe in creating unbeatable flavours to show people just how good vegan food is; For the planet, animals and the good times! We believe in sustainability, cruelty free produce and a more greener and better future. Come and hang with the VV tribe when you see us next, and try out our unique burgers!


NEWS UPDATE- Meet The New Face behind Vegan Vice!

As some of you may know, Tommy has embarked on a new adventure in a different country, which we are super stoked for him! Tommy is still a Vegan Vice enthusiast, and he will be staying in contact to see how we are doing. :)

With this being said, this has allowed Vegan Vice to be put into the hands of a whole new team and vision. I jumped at the opportunity to keep one of my favourite vegan food brands alive while bringing a whole new perspective to the brand! There are going to be new ideas and plans ;)


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I am super excited to be starting this journey, especially as I am a huge fan of the brand. However, I am even more excited about having you all on board with me! Lets grow the Vegan Vice community, invent new tastes and welcome back some old ones, and keep those good times flowing! 


Our contact details are below, so please drop us a message anytime.....even if it is just to say Hi! 

Remember to come and check us out if you see us about, and we hope to see you all real soon!

Demi (Vegan Vice Director)

Why Vegan Vice

Me and my best friend at Vegan Vice (a very long time ago)!

Hi! :)

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vegan restaurant franchisee
vegan restaurant franchise

Want to help out?

We have opportunities for you to get involved and be a part of the VV gang!

We are looking for hard working, vibrant individuals to handle the heat of those busy festival crowds as well as the grill! 

If you are up for the challenge, then reach out to us via the contact form on the 'contact us' page or chat box.


The Vegan Vice gang

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